Windows has been around for quite a while, it was the exceptionally thing that made Microsoft what it is today however, generally, the product has stayed stuck in a walled off garden, yet that doesn’t imply that one day Microsoft will set it free and make an open source variant of Windows.

As indicated by Mark Russinovich, one of Microsoft’s specialists, an open source form of Windows is “definitely possible” and the organization has even discussed it, in spite of the fact that it has additionally discussed a lot of other conceivable alternatives amid the transformative period that came after Satya Nadella got to be CEO.

This was said at ChefConf 2015, which Wired went to. Chef is an open source system that helps set up and keep up operation of machines expected to drive business related programming. At the occasion, he is cited as saying:

“It’s a new Microsoft. Every conversation you can imagine about what should we do with our software—open versus not-open versus services—has happened.”

Clearly discussing the likelihood of an open source Windows isn’t exactly the same as really doing it, yet it is intriguing to perceive how Microsoft is considering all conceivable outcomes for its new business way.


Source: Wired


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