Microsoft company is apparently involved in a $70 million investment decision around in CyanogenMod, an Android ROM developer that is definitely the most reputable alternative versions of Android.

CyanogenMod basically needs the Android code and modifies it, incorporating various features and carrying it to other devices. Exactly what could a Microsoft-powered CyanogenMod necessarily mean for Google ?

There are numerous of causes that Microsoft might be spending money on CyanogenMod . Android is an extremely open source operating-system. Nevertheless, Google absolutely does not provide the source code for services such as Gmail as well as YouTube. Google in addition has already been securing its hold on Android during the past several years.

Spending money on CyanogenMod could possibly imply that Microsoft’s software applications will turn out to be a lot more prominent part of the operating-system in the coming years.

Microsoft obviously seems as if broadening support of CyanogenMod can help to make it much better than the Google-developed version of Android. This really is a different option for Microsoft to take in the mobile space on top of its Windows 10 platform.

As per CyanogenMod , fifty million individuals are at present utilizing the CyanogenMod version of Android, which makes it a possibility that’s absolutely worth perusing for Microsoft.
Precisely what does indeed all of this stand for for Google ? Well , most likely not very much. Windows Phone is hardly a warning to Google’s Android, and CyanogenMod is basically an offshoot of Android. The 2 organizations teaming up will not mean much for Google, apart from the truth that certain users will probably be using Microsoft applications instead of Google ones. This isn’t ideal for Google, but it surely is going to be a tiny portion of individuals.

Cyanogen has, nevertheless, already been using big statements against Google in the past few weeks , stating that it wished to take “Android back from Google .” Considering the fact that Android makes up over 80 percent of the mobile market share, the organization has a long way to go before it will likely be capable of doing anything of the like.

The truth is , Google has plenty to get from CyanogenMod no matter whether Microsoft is funding it or not . The Google Play Store will need to stay an important part of the operating system simply because without it users is not going to have accessibility to applications. This indicates Google could keep making money from CyanogenMod, particularly since many users would definitely want Google apps on their gadgets.

A “Microsoft-powered” CyanogenMod will mean practically nothing for Google. Microsoft company could well fund a far more successful OS from CyanogenMod. But yet, this won’t be a great threat for the search giant Google.