Last night there were lots of announcements from Microsoft side, and the last of them has to do with augmented reality glasses Hololens. Yesterday they showcased a live use in the demo Project XRAY and also announced the first Development kit of the glasses which will be available during the first quarter of next year (2016) at a price tag of $ 3000.

Microsoft Hololens shown in a new video, Developer version priced at $3000


The Hololens is a device completely without ties, without wires or even a dedicated PC, allowing free movement. Microsoft is already taking applications from developers for Hololens units, so they have lots of applications in almost every category during the launch.

In the demo commented, speaking of “technology Mixed-Reality “, which allows the person using the Hololens not only interact with holograms, but also have that experience in the real world. Basically, it is the augmented reality, but mixed with virtual reality, so that the user can interact with the whole environment, as you can see from the above video, the results are far less impressive.


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