At “Windows 10: The next chapter” conference, Microsoft has unveiled an ambitious product – talking about Microsoft HoloLens glasses, according to the company it is the future of the computer industry. Microsoft suggests to use the device for combining the virtual world with the real: it is able to realistically incorporate three-dimensional and flat virtual objects in the environment.

Microsoft HoloLens is featuring Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail Atom SoC

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has not revealed the official technical details of HoloLens. They only mention that the glasses are an independent device equipped with a translucent screen of high-definition, high-quality support of 3D-sound with a high-precision positioning. In addition to the CPU and the GPU, a new computing unit HPU (holographic processing unit – a holographic processor) is doing the job. Also HoloLens come with an array of sensors to assess movements in space, voice recognition, hand gestures and eye. Microsoft promises that the device will be easy and comfortable to use during work and for play, you can adjust it to any head size. Finally, the points will be running certain versions of Windows 10.

According PCWorld the gadget is equipped with Intel Cherry Trail SoC which is manufactured in 14nm process node, which was previously announced by the manufacturer at the exhibition CES 2015. Previously, Intel gives their words that these chips will only entertain the tablets.


Intel Cherry Trail – a 14-nm chip is the successor of the Intel Bay Trail. The new SoCs are equipped with cores CPU Airmont (heirs Silvermont) and more powerful next-generation graphics (supports OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL ES 3.0 and DirectX 11.1, as well as video encoding at 1080p at 60 frames / s).

Microsoft HoloLens success largely depends on the possibility of gesture recognition. Intel has implemented support for some of these features in Cherry Trail, but HPU, obviously, is a separate hardware chip for processing “holograms” (special hardware accelerator optimized for this kind of calculation).

Incidentally, Intel promises to support wireless charging device based on Cherry Trail. Cherry Trail can also wirelessly streaming video on the big screen through the technology of Wi-DI. And these functions are also in the HoloLens, because Microsoft emphasizes the lack of any wires in the gadget. However, it should be remembered that this news is still a rumor so take it with a pinch of salt. Stay with us for more information on Microsoft HoloLens.

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