In last year lots of giants have become the victim of hacker attacks. But on Sony was one of the major in which they loss employees’ data, movie scripts and other important data. Now it seems like hackers have pulled their socks to the Microsoft side. The manufacturers of Current-Generation Console Xbox One are looking forward to some new things which will avoid such major attacks.

Why do I feel that somehow, the DDoS attacks had something to do with their decision?

Microsoft is Hiring New Employees to Secure Xbox One Security

Xbox One will launch in 28 new countries

We can realize the heat by this move that, currently they are looking for some Software Engineers over at LinkdIn. New employees main job would be based on the circle of securing Xbox One in order to avoid any attack which will give harm to the systems. Some words from Microsoft side:

Are you passionate about consumer Devices and Security? Enjoy your Xbox for Entertainment and Gaming? Would you like to build a device so secure, that it is a nightmare for the most skilled hackers, yet a delight for all our customers? Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to protect a game or app running on the Xbox console or prevent anyone from cheating when playing online? If so, then we might have a very good opportunity for you!

The team dedicated to this cause is actually a part of the Core Operating Systems Group for the console and the said engineer will be working on taking the security systems to a whole new level.

As I have previously mentioned the particular jobs of new Employees would be to make the “Xbox One the most secure and trustworthy consumer computing devices in the world.” and they will achieve this task with the help of  “hardware design and carefully thought out the operating system and driver modifications to achieve the security goals.”

Well, at least if we see the previous incident when a Lized Group attack on both Xbox Live and Sony network on December 25th, 2014. Xbox one services were becoming normal after some time, but for Sony network they take more than 2 days in order to fully restore the services. So, we can say that things are pretty much strong of Microsoft but they still want to make a future proof in order to avoid such troubles in future.

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