Sooner this morning, Windows users may have woken up to a different icon in their taskbar, enabling them to enlist for their free Windows 10 update, despite the fact that it didn’t have a release date attached. In any case, now Microsoft has let the real truth out in the open, affirming that last week’s reports were on point and that Windows 10 will indeed launch on the 29th of July.

This fits in perfectly with the Summer target release window that Microsoft set for themselves last October when the operating system was initially declared. With the launch date only six weeks or something like that away, it implies that the company will be outfitting to settle all code, rendering it likely that Technical Preview users will get another batch of updates paving the way to discharge.

The official arrival of Windows 10 will be highlight packed such as, Cortana integration, the Microsoft Edge browser, Office 2016, the Xbox application close by new cross-platform applications and services.

One of the other vital improvements to Windows 10 is the arrival of the begin menu, in spite of the fact that it is blended with metro UI elements. As we secured early today, those of you with a real copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 will get a little notification icon in your task bar, which will enable you to “register” for your Windows 10 update. This implies that on the 29th of July, the OS upgrade will consequently download to your system, which you can then decide to introduce at whatever you need.

This discharge date just covers the desktop form of the OS. Windows 10 will be propelling on mobile and Xbox One a bit later down the line.