Without a doubt, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will be the best flight simulator we have seen in history, not to mention that it could also be the most realistic game with the best graphics released to date. We continue to know more information, and it seems that this title will never cease to amaze us.

The latest information comes from a new trailer focused on airports, letting us know that all existing airports on our planet will be included in this new simulator.

To create these airports, Microsoft has used the Microsoft Flight Simulator X database. Then, the team edited the actual areas of the airports through their satellite images. At least 37,000 of them were manually modified to offer unprecedented realism and level of detail.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft and Asobo promise to provide the most definitive and realistic flight experience to date, in which players can create their flight plan and fly anywhere in the world with day and night cycles and weather conditions.

So, we are facing a title that will be played by professional pilots, practical pilots, students, and even newbies who simply want to enjoy a simulator of flight.