Windows Server 2003 is contrary to the wishes of the company Microsoft – still one of the most popular versions of server Windows. To change this situation Remond giant announced to end technical support for this system as early as this summer. Now we have learned all you have to do is to pay them in order to continue to receive security updates and benefit from the support. The magic numbers are $ 600.

It is worth noting that these $ 600 applies only to the first twelve months after the end of support (and it is dated July 14, 2015 year). With each passing year, this amount will be doubled, which will further encourage businesses to move to newer versions.

Worse, the study conducted by AppZero shown that 47 per cent of IT managers had no idea about this when it is completed and they had no support, therefore, no plans or strategies for the future. As if that were not enough, 25 percent of them are also using the 12-year-old servers.

Microsoft was probably quite effective.

Source:  Microsoft, All About Windows

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