It has always happened to all of us, when we prepare a presentation, or anything specific in which everything has to go as you planned, something always goes wrong. This time this has happened to a Microsoft employee and the problem had to do with the Edge browser.

All this happened during a live presentation in which an engineer from the Redmond company shows how to migrate a company’s cloud to the Microsoft Azure platform. The problem came when, at a delicate moment in which the employee is ready to show how to carry out the process, the Microsoft Edge browser totally stopped working.

Quickly, seeing how his presentation was stuck, the Microsoft engineer turned to Google, install Chrome browser in a couple of minutes to continue with the whole process. At least, when all this happens in full live, the embarrassed Redmond employee takes the situation with humor, unchecking the option of ‘Help Chrome to improve sending information’ and winning the complicity of the public saying “we do not want to help google.”

You can see the whole curious situation from 36:48 of this video.

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