Microsoft Edge, the latest browser from Redmond, which made its market debut in July last year on the occasion of the release of Windows 10, keep losing potential users. With a shared information network apart from this it follows that the software uses a small proportion of Internet users, and a lot of people complain about very few features of the application. According to the media industry, one of the biggest drawbacks of the program is now an inability to support the different extensions.

Microsoft Edge Browser Failed To Capture Users


Interest in Windows 10 continues to rise, and the latest OS closer to reaching a market share of 10% in operating systems. However, as popular can not boast distributed with the software viewer for Microsoft Edge. According to data published on the web by NetApplications in December benefited from the program since only 2.25% of holders of networked personal computers, and the application itself is steadily losing members. More people used the software even in November when the Edge share of the browser market was 2.81%. Drop by about half a percentage point does not seem particularly acute, but gradually shrinking user base definitely does not speak well about the latest solution from Microsoft. Especially considering the fact that more and more people are choosing to install Windows 10 from which the software is distributed.

But the browser Edge is doomed to failure? Hard to say. Software is still new to the market and, above all, must measure up to the competition in the form of, among others, developed by Google Chrome. Certainly it will be so little time before the software will find that users of competing applications. It should also be remembered that the successor of Internet Explorer is still being developed. This year, it will be updated with a lot of improvements, and some of them may even make its debut on the occasion of forthcoming Redstone update.

Source: Softpedia

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