Very fast update rate is the year to beat DirectX OpenGL and other rivals to become one of the industry-standard graphics API trick, but just as IE, Windows, firmly secured the country on lazy.

DirectX11 was released in the 2nd quarter of 2008, and their progress goes upto 5 times, Dx11.1,Dx11.2 you can say this is also the reason that people want Windows, and for the update you also need a latest windows system.

Now at that time after a strong competitor AMD mantle, Microsoft is also playing a big game. At the GDC 2014 Microsoft is going to introduce the latest plan of DirectX, but in fact is not so simple, it would be the first time I saw a whole new generation of DirectX 12.

On the specific circumstances of DX12 is still ignorant of the estimated core Direct3D will introduce changes in the underlying components.

The Most notable point is that, Mircosoft Dx12 in tradition to support three big giants Intel,AMD and Nvidia, but now the Qualcomm’s name is also listed in the top partners list.

Qualcomm is no discrete graphics and integrated graphics on the traditional x86 market, but in the important field of mobile GPU, but also an important participant in Microsoft Windows on ARM project.

Microsoft DirectX 12 officially announced
Microsoft DirectX 12 officially announced

AMD Mantle raised some effects for the Microsoft, but I hope Microsoft know how to absorb a good ingredient. For now all I’m waiting for March 20, 2014.