Killer Instinct has made great strides in the community since its launch in late November last year, its exclusivity announced for the Microsoft console, and remains an impediment for those who do not have an Xbox One. Besides its relative success, which attract many players to buy a new console, this game has a unique taste which can attract any lover of fighting games. The game is developed by Double Helix.

Lots of PC players are waiting for this game and, it seems that developers are paying attention to these obstacles. A few days ago, the creative director of studies of Microsoft, Adam Isgreen, was lurking in the forums Ultra-Combo to join some publications related to the discussion of a possible port for PC. Without going any further, we have performed a survey to measure the reception of the community to this idea, and we find a very positive response lots of players are waiting for this game.

If this news comes true, then it could be beneficial for Killer Instinct and Double Helix also, as the implementation of cross-Platform play between XBox One and PC will improve the sales of the game.

And a less reason to buy an Xbox One?

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