Microsoft is considering the launch of a new version of the Xbox One (Xbox One Slim). The device has not been officially announced by the manufacturer of Redmond, but shared by the industry press, which indicates that the console is to be primarily smaller and much cheaper than its original variant. Unfortunately, the console will most likely support games from digital distribution only.

Smaller And Cheaper Xbox One Slim Is On The Track


According to the Western press, Microsoft is considering broadening its offer with a smaller version of the console. The model ultimately does not appear in the official sale, but this doesn’t mean that the associated plans completely abandoned. According to the editorial portal Petri, Microsoft is looking into the possibility to offer customers a new version of Xbox One unit announced in 2013. The new console is supposed to be characterized by smaller dimensions than Xbox One available in the today’s market, and besides it will be a lot cheaper. The console would be deprived of the drive for the Disks, so it will only run games from digital distribution. It is also not known whether the device will support Kinect or not.

If we see from the current stage both current Generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) are equipped with 28nm technology processor, if this new chip would be implemented in the XBox One then its size will be smaller and also it will effect on the price as mentioned by Daniel McConnell. If we see the view of TSMC, which is responsible for designing both the  Processors of current Generation Consoles they said that, this new 20nm version processor will bump the speed up to 30% then now and also consume less power around 25%.

The smaller Xbox One is expected to debut early in the second half of 2016. Interestingly, the main rival console by conjecture turns out… Apple TV. Promoted by the giant from Cupertino gadget also has its own shop for games and software and it is possible that the new device will fight with a new little beast from Redmond camp.

Source: petri
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