After several rumors about Windows 10 Game Mode, whether Microsoft would provide support for non – exclusive titles of the Universal Platform Windows in their new Game Mode, yesterday , chief engineer of the Xbox platform, confirmed itthat Mode Game will actually support Win32 games – or simply titles that are not found in the Windows 10 Store.

In addition, explained the new update  Creators Update‘, to be launched in a few months and will focus on four key points: streaming, performance, people and competition.

Starting with the portion of streaming, Microsoft will allow streamers on Xbox One and Windows 10 through Beam, the streaming service acquired by Microsoft last year. Its operation will be as simple as opening the Windows 10 game bar and pressing the broadcasting button to start streaming live.

With performance obviously it refers to Game Mode, a mode that will allow Windows 10 users to play games more efficiently, optimizing system resources like RAM, GPU and CPU.

The third point is to improve the social characteristics of Xbox Live, as well as its relationship to other social networks. Updates to the board of activities, as well as new features and tools will be added for clubs and the Looking For Group  (LFG feature, so that Xbox Live users can more easily find players and play).

Some of the mentioned features are already available in the Preview Build 15007 for Insiders from Microsoft.

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