Mojang, the company who developed Minecraft may be bought by Microsoft later this month. This is not officially announced, but in an article on Wall Street Journal it is said that Microsoft may buy Mojang for a price of $2 billion.

Microsoft Buying Mojang?


The company, Mojang was recognized worldwide right after the release of Minecraft in 2009, Mojang sold almost 55 million copies of the game, Minecraft to the date.
Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and on other devices like Android as well. Mojang made $100 million in profits last year just through Minecraft And the game itself is on the top 10 sales chart almost every month and just a week ago it was also released on PS4 and Xbox one.
Last year, Carl Manneh the co-founder of Mojang said that “An exit would be huge, but do we really need that money? In our case, we have the cash flow. We have more money than we need.”
But now Neither Mojang commented on it, nor Microsoft said a word about the deal.


The big question arises here is that if Micrsoft is to buy Mojang so will they pull off Minecraft from Playstation? Because if they don’t then a Microsoft owned game will be available on the Playstation. There’s a possibility that Minecraft may no longer be available on PS3 and PS4.