A new change in the Windows 10 Store will cause the removal of all the emulators that are in the catalog. The new policy prohibits the publication of applications that emulate other systems, in any of the devices that make use of Windows.

Microsoft Bans Game Emulators in Windows 10 Store

10.13.10 –   “Apps that emulate a game system are not allowed on any device family.”

The Universal Emulator application by NESBox is one of the first victims of this new policy.

It is speculated that these new changes are part of the preparations for Creators Update, which seeks to unify all stores in a single ecosystem, making priority use of the Universal Platform Windows Platform, to take advantage of what we now know as Xbox Play Anywhere.

The list of general Windows Store rules, composed for developers, got a huge refresh to its “Gaming and Xbox” prerequisites; these used to contain just a single sentence, and it referred to Windows Store game developers to the [email protected] program. That current program requires pre-endorsed by Microsoft, however Developers will soon have the rights to distribute their games straightforwardly to both Xbox and Windows 10 Store in the wake of paying a one-time cost of $100. The greatest catch is that these games must keep running in Universal Windows Platform [UWP] mode.

While it may appear to be amazing that Microsoft at some point permitted game emulators in the Windows Store, Google does not limit emulators all alone Android store. This now leaves Google as the main portable application store as yet supporting game emulator applications, as Apple likewise bans these sorts of applications.

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