Microsoft band is the smart product we can say which can be stand out in the wind of wild, not only supports multiple PC and mobile platforms, but also has a plurality of sensors including GPS, ultraviolet light, skin, heart rate, etc., Apart from it, also equipped with the favorite feature of most of the players Cortana intelligent voice assistant. After seeing its popularity, it seems like Microsoft has decided to occasional limited supply, as customers who has brought it tell stories about this product to others. If you want a “vigorously miracle,” you have to refresh the official website every day but still it will not work. Why?

Microsoft Band out of stock online until early 2015


According WindowsCentral reports, Microsoft’s online store displays, this bracelet have been sold out, the next shipment will shelve in early 2015. It’s better to put you e-mail their so when this candy will made its entry to shelves of Microsoft you will receive a notification.

Microsoft Band is available in large, medium and small size with a 310 × 102 resolution touch screen interface, the interior has a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, heart rate meter, skin temperature sensors, transcutaneous electrical sensors, ultraviolet sensors, GPS and other sensors (unfortunately there is no barometer), with two 100mAh battery that provides backup of two days, support for Bluetooth 4.0LE, support WP8.1, iOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.3 or over the phone system and Windows, OS X and Linux PC systems, is priced at $199.

Microsoft is really a high cold ah, Christmas and New Year was a good move to increase their sales but they skipped both together. There are rumors that Microsoft had actually originally made 5000 candies only, although there are also some rumors with more  numbers.

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