Phil Spencer took the stage at the first conference of E3 for PC with confidence, but reserved and expectant audience reactions. People waited, very few boos were heard and listened.

After making a mea culpa live and recognize that Microsoft many years since I learned that there is a market for video games on computers ago, it began to drop and talked about how good it will be Windows 10, DirectX 12, and Xbox Live for the new plan to return to the platform and said very sheepishly Killer Instinct will come to PC, with the possibility of cross-play with the console of the company. The audience erupted.

Later, while Phil stood on stage, developers spent Gigantic and Fable: Legends, but gave it another bombshell Rod Fergusson, head of Coalition study, which appeared to announce that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will also come to our platform without blocking rate of frames per second, with support for 4K, and thousands of new models, coupled with a huge amount of multiplayer maps and game modes inherited Gears of War 3. And last but not least, uncontrolled smile through an evasive answer left understand that possibly see Gear 4 also on our monitors.

With this, Microsoft is leaving the ball in our court, and now it’s our turn to show them that we are interested in playing the games, as we did with the sales of Grand Theft Auto V for Rockstar and Mortal Kombat for Warner Bros.

Although no dates were announced, but hopefully we will hear them after the launch of the new operating system.

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