Microsoft announced the official Indian executives Nadella as the company CEO, Satya Nadella is from Banglore, INDIA. A Coupled with Google’s head of Pi Jiayi Andrews, also from India. This means that Indians or Indian descent, will control the mobile Internet ecology.

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella


Microsoft now officially announced the Indian executives Nadella as the CEO of company, Pi Jiayi Andrews coupled with Google is also from India. This mean now we can say Indian will control the Mobile Internet bionomics. Additionally India is the World’s largest software and services back-end country, and also a trademark of western IT Companies is labeled as “OEM” Software. Still the outsourcing is simple, but the technical superiority of the India IT Sector is really Great.

Bangalore as “Asia’s Silicon Valley”

In addition to the success of Indian origin in the United States outside of Silicon Valley, Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley has become famous in Asia.

If we talk about the more success in the world of IT from INDIA, according the different reports, In Google the TOP 13 Executives are Indians, and on this 4-Feb Mark Zuckberberg has been celebrated Facebook 10 years, but when in start Mark is in search of the Engineer for Facebook, the first Female Engineer is also from India. 


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