Microsoft finally began the distribution of Wireless Xbox One controller adapter. The USB-powered add-on is going to be useful for Windows 10 users who want to use it to play PC games, as well as with Xbox One titles being streamed to a nearby desktop, laptop or hybrid tablet. The receiver has the form of USB memory and will cost you $25, and will also include a micro-USB cable like the one we were using to connect the Gamepad to the PC.

Microsoft announced the availability of Wireless Xbox One controller adapter


Like the Xbox 360, the receiver will support up to eight Gamepads and up to four audio channels (not available on the previous generation), either two headsets or four microphones. Unfortunately, it will not allow the Xbox 360 Gamepads to connect, so we keep both receptors.

It will be sold separately and also in the form of a package that includes Gamepad and receiver, to a value of $ 80.