Begin to emerge more rumors about one of the most feared diseases for games on Current Generation Consoles and PC. A Few days ago, the developers claimed that Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Unity (at least for consoles) was locked at 30fps to give a more cinematic feel. Today, they have left The Evil Within the same block and the excuse is same.

Microsoft and Sony might be pressuring Ubisoft to limit their games at 30FPS on PC


Ubisoft had a few of its staff visit a school to explain their work, where several students had the opportunity to ask some questions. Someone asked “What the hell happened to Watch Dogs?” One of the employee who is French-Canadian with digestion of ‘Online Programmer’ replied to the question, he said that before the release of any game on Console, you have to send a copy of the game to the console manufacturers, who decide that what is left in the game and what you have to add in it.

In addition, the Game Architect also said that they always try to aim for 60FPS, but due to “limitations”, they have been settled at 30FPS for their latest games. He continued, saying that console makers are pressuring them into doing the same thing on PC. The Game Architect continued, saying that Ubisoft reuses as much code as possible, which could explain the similarities between a few of their games.

Someone else asked if the company “aware of the negative responses of the recent decision to lock your games into 30FPS. If so, what do you think about that?”. The Architect said that Game on consoles, especially in Assassin’s Creed Unity, we have to choose between graphical fidelity or smoothness of animations. It has also been pointed out that “Microsoft is trying to force them to lock the framerate on PC.”

If we end up seeing Ubisoft locking their games at 30FPS on the PC, we’re going to see a really big backlash from consumers. I seriously can’t see the company doing this, but after all of their biggest games being locked at 30FPS on consoles, and the company saying ridiculous things like “60FPS looks weird, I wouldn’t put anything on the basis of their past.

Source: Tweaktown

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