Since past two years, we have been hearing that the Microsoft is working on the mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One and it seems that the company is indeed serious in bringing the support to its gamers in the coming months.

A report published by Windows Central claims that Microsoft and Razer might be working together to bring the mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox One console, after the team managed to go through some documents suggesting how the devices are planned to work on the console.

There is an image, probably taken from the presentation having Razer Turret wireless lapboard which combines the keyboard and mouse in such a design that it makes it easier to play the games while sitting on the couch. It also has a Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboard with backlighting keys, multiple color combination suitable with the games. It will work in the similar way it works on the PC while gaming.

While the remaining slides explains how and which mouse features will be accessible. From the details emerged, it is clear that gamepad support will remain as the requirement to play all the games. While the console will support only one mouse and one keyboard at a time.

It is up to the developers how they work with the mouse and keyboard feature on their games, however, the report emphasizes that the presence could be detected, and the game developers can lock specific features in order to maintain the balance.

Microsoft also highlights the fact that balance in multiplayer is totally up to the developers, so the keyboard/mouse and gamepad usage should be monitored by the developers and make adjustments accordingly.

While the final slide notes that all type of USB mouse supported by the Windows will be accessible on the Xbox console, including the wireless ones. However, mouse which are supported with custom drivers and Bluetooth will remain incompatible. Lastly, the Microsoft is working on a new API which will detect and even block the mouse or keyboard that use inputs unfairly.

The report mentions that these features should have been landed for the game developers with April 2018 XDK update and they have a release date for Fall of this year with Windows 10 update. Meanwhile, we didn’t hear the developers discussing about that, maybe due to a delay or something like that.

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As and Xbox One gamer, are you excited about the keyboard and mouse support in the titles, especially the shooting ones? Let us know your comments below!

Via: Windows Central

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