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Microsoft and Japan: Xbox One Falls Flat

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Xbox One was launched in Japan on September 6, two days after it was expected and There’s a great disappointment for Microsoft that only 25000 units were sold until now. This is the worst console launch for Microsoft and they didn’t get what they expected
The number of Xbox 360 units sold at its launch in Japan was double than the units of Xbox One sold and in half time.

Microsoft and Japan: Xbox One Falls Flat


Here’s a comparison of the consoles sold at their launch in Japan:
PS4 release sales were 322,000 while Wii U sold about 308,000 units in the first two days of its launch and Xbox 360 sold 62,135 units in just 4 days and back in 2002, the units of Xbox sold were 123,000 units over three days.

The most sold Game on Xbox One was Titanfall which came as a bundle with the console and almost 90% of the customers bought Xbox one as a bundle with Titanfall.

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So yesterday, Microsoft announced a list of unreleased games that will be available to play at the Microsoft booth at the Tokyo Game show 2014 which will be held from 18-21 September the total number of games at the booth is 23 out of which 22 are of Xbox One and only one game of Xbox 360 which is being included is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

And to promote Xbox One Microsoft will be giving Fast Pass Tokens to 500 people at their booth who purchased Xbox One at its launch a week ago.


A full list of games which will be available to play at the Xbox booth area:

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Dance Central Spotlight
    Dead Rising 3
    D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die
    Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
    EA Sports UFC
    FIFA 15
    Forza Horizon 2
    Forza Motorsport 5
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    Happy Wars
    Killer Instinct
    Kinect Sports Rivals
    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
    NBA 2K15
    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Psycho-Pass: Happiness Without Choice
    Ryse: Son of Rome
    Sunset Overdrive
    The Evil Within