Google begins to master with the cheapest laptop in the market, talking about Chromebook – turn out to be a hit here Models with Rockchip, for which you have to pay 150-200 dollars. For now, Microsoft is not willing to take their share in emerging markets, as it did in the case of the USA, and already planning measures to repel the attack of competition.

Microsoft Aims to launch Windows 10 Laptops for Study with starting at $149

The Chromebook has gained traction in quite a few areas and Microsoft is looking to halt its advance

As reported by DigiTimes service, Microsoft in cooperation with ECS and Intel is preparing at least two cheap laptops for education – would be a 11.6-inch designs based on the Intel Bay Trail-T, which work under the Windows 10 operating system. These models are likely to appear in the middle of the year and will cost about $ 179.

But this is not the end of the revelations, because Microsoft has teamed up with a Chinese group 3Nod Group, which would produce similar laptops in the consumer market – you should expect rates starting from $149. In addition, the planned 15.6-inch models at a higher price.

Source: DigiTimes

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