Previously, there was a rumor in the air that new API from Microsoft have support for Multi-GPU configurations between AMD and NVIDIA. But now Microsoft technical support staff member, stated that this rumor is true and they have such plans. Confirmation is based on a screenshot published over at  LinusTechTips. No specific necessities were determined, that would empower such designs, nor any real advantages that would come about because of such a setup.

Microsoft DirectX 12 have support for Multi-GPU configurations between AMD and NVIDIA



In short, we can do SLI or Crossfire between different families of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA. Sounds too good to be true, right?.

“If you like using GeForce 3D Vision Experience and Nvidia, but also want to use TrueAudio and FreeSync, there is a chance you can make use of both when Direct12 is available. If this is true, it is likely that a plaque function as primary, while the other will be used to provide additional power “

Previously, a similar solution could have found on motherboards with Lucid Hydra technology (eg. MSI Big Bang Fuzion or Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra), but it was not too good to entertain players with the full potential of GPUs. Now Developers, of course, will have to write additional code lines to leverage the capabilities of the new features in DirectX 12, so it remains to be seen how easy is the new API from Microsoft.

Architecture contrasts make it hard to utilize Graphics cards from different vendor featuring different taste, as on account of contemporary 3D engines. Multi-GPU advances utilized for constant rendering oblige two GPUs to be synchronized regarding list of capabilities, as well as far as execution and memory latency. These constraints make it truly faulty whether such an innovation could in the long run take off.

DirectX 12 however, is intended for Xbox One too, and Microsoft has been exploring different avenues regarding cloud-assisted AI and physics computations for Xbox One, both of which are dormancy touchy. So it could be conceivable that there is as of now an innovation accessible, that empowers performing diverse undertakings utilizing distinctive equipment assets without the requirement for ongoing synchronization.

The inquiry remains, however, whether NVIDIA and AMD would permit these heterogeneous multi-GPU designs or opt to block them in their drivers. We will present to you any more data in regards to the subject, and also more on DirectX 12 news when it gets to be accessible.

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Source: LinusTechTips, Wccftech