Microsoft seems to be quite serious with its commitment with the Xbox One community towards adding a couple of new features and content.

Last year, the company launched a feature known as Xbox Play Anywhere that allows players to play the Xbox One title on Windows 10 platforms and also sharing their achievements and progress. While the company’s vice president Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the Xbox One will be getting a feature that allows players to gift a new purchased title to a friend.

The announcement was made on Twitter by the Vice President while responding to a follower who asked the possibility of when the players will be getting the feature which allows users to gift a new purchase to a friend. Ybarra responded with “not far!

Its interesting to see Microsoft fulfilling requests of its gaming community as it was one of the most requested feature on the fan feedback page of Xbox. The feature received over 4,700 votes till now. While the company is yet confirm a release date of the feature and we assume that Microsoft will be breaking the news in upcoming Gamescom event next month.

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Currently, only Steam is offering such feature that allow users to gift a newly purchased title to a friend and its good to see other platforms adopting these services. Stay tuned for more updates!

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