Micron Technology has begun shipping the first engineering samples of its GDDR5X chips at densities of 8 GB (1Gb) and 16 GB (2Gb) to both AMD and NVIDIA which will allow them to manufacture the first graphics cards with 8 or 16 GB of GDDR5X memory under a memory interface of 256-bit, exactly 32 bits per channel. GDDR5X memory chips are particularly interesting as they are offering double frequency compared to the current GDDR5 and all operate at a lower voltage which results in 1.35V  (1.50V Vs / 1.55V).

Micron Technology starts sending GDDR5X chips to AMD and NVIDIA


Unfortunately, it is already practically confirmed that NVIDIA will launch its new entire family of Graphics cards with the use of an “obsolete” GDDR5 memory combined with its Pascal architecture, while AMD with Polaris continue to maintain the HBM memory, so we will not see any graphics card with HBM2 memory until 2017. At the end of current year NVIDIA could launch a wave of refried graphics cards with only the replacement of GDDR5 memory by GDDR5X.

If we talk about AMD, they had already adapted HBM memory from last year, the role of new memory is still unclear, perhaps they implement it in mid – range graphics products to replace its successful models Radeon R9 Series 380/390 while for high-end models we have the HBM memory.


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