2014 Intel Haswell -E platform first to support DDR4 memory, major manufacturers have introduced a variety of large-capacity high-frequency DDR4 memory. Now in this year the platform which is going to support DDR4 is Intel Skylake, which is more mainstream than the Haswell-E and it is expected to promote the development of DDR4 memory to the mainstream level. However, according to the company Micron in 2015 DDR4 memory prices will be is still much more expensive than DDR3.

Micron: DDR4 Memory will remain more expensive than DDR3 this year


Unfortunately, Micron has made no predictions regarding adoption of DDR4 by the market. Mark Adams, president of Micron investors and technical conference that in 2015 the average price of ASP DDR4 memory is still much more expensive than DDR3 memory, over the next 12 months as the market gradually forming DDR4, DDR4 faster growth rate also affect the average price of Micron’s DDR4 products.

For Micron, the benefit they got at the growth of the DDR4 server market as in last Q4 quarter their DDR4 Memory shipments grew by 4 times.

Although disappointed, but Micron position is not new in this game, just a listing from last DDR4 multi analysts believe that in 2016 we will see the price war between DDR4 and DDR3.  Intel Skylake processors for the mainstream market with support of DDR4 and also support DDR3 so apart from Overclocker more of less games will not move their mind to DDR4 in 2015 if the prices remain high.

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