DDR3 memory has been with us since 2007, so we have to deal with the longest reign of a single standard DDR RAM on the market of PCs and mobile devices, the first generation of robust two years, and DDR2 gave way to the current version after three years of superiority over other options. If all goes according to plan, the latest fourth generation of standard DDR completed until eight-year reign of DDR3 on the market, and this time also the introduction of new memory modules will start from the Intel platform, which is expected to debut later this year along with the processor Haswell-E. 

Eight-year domination of DDR3 memory modules will slowly go away into oblivion

The company Micron Technology which is one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, announced the start of mass production of DDR4 modules mainly for server processor Xeon E5- 2600 v3 debuted in the second half of 2014.

DDR4 Crucial

Modules for speed 2400 MT/s debut in 2015 in accordance with the growing needs of the market. In the case of AMD CPU and APU expect to introduce a platform compatible with DDR4 in the first quarter of 2015 years. That’s when the family is expected to debut Carrizo, the first could take advantage of the latest modules with integrated graphics system.

Of course a little earlier debut as systems Haswell-E support DDR4, but they are not the main recipient due to lower popularity. New memory manufactured by Micron will provide performance at 2133 MT/s, single stick in the module will increase the capacity of 1 GB DDR3 up to 4 GB DDR4. One advantage of the new generation will also decrease power consumption, as well as to reduce the standard voltage of 1.2 V to 1.5 V in DDR3.