As storage technology manufacturers, Micron DRAM memory and NAND flash memory are on a strong power, but in the GDDR memory market, Micron is far inferior to Samsung and SK Hynix, the latter two almost sweep the graphics memory chips we’ve ever seen. Fortunately, the outbreak of Micron thick plot, the next generation NAND and DRAM technology to catch up, and even the memory chips in faster step, Micron recently announced that they have begun commercial shipments of GDDR5 memory on more advanced 20nm process process, with higher capacities of 8Gb particles unlike the current capacity of 2Gb, 4Gb memory.

Micron began commercial shipments of GDDR5 Memory: 20nm process, 8Gb particles 


Micron said still they are not insulated with GDDR5 graphics memory market, Micron to acquire Japanese Elpida (ELPIDA) Company is one of the oldest suppliers of GDDR5 memory, until now still some cards still use Elpida GDDR5 chips, but the above logo or Elpida, do not know is the vendor’s inventory or Elpida also produce GDDR5 memory.

Mark Adams, president of Micron announced at the company’s investor and analyst meeting, Micron has started commercial shipments of 20nm graphics products. He did not specify Micron’s graphics products at the end is nothing, but the beginning of Micron’s claims 8Gb GDDR5 memory chips starts sampling to two customers, the chip can be used for the host or the graphics market.

Micron’s 20nm 8Gb GDDR5 particles are based on the current mainstream memory advanced generation, Samsung and SK Hynix’s GDDR5 memory particles mainly 30nm level process, particles are mainly capacities of 2Gb and 4Gb.