Metro series is now back in action for consoles with the huge upgrade. The Metro series is always appreciated for their heavy, rich texture Graphics. So expect more from new bundle for Consoles named as Metro: Redux. The game is set to be released for Ps4 and XboxOne. PSBlog confirmed that the game will run at 60Fps on the PS4. For XboxOne the game will run at 900p. The Metro Redux will equip with both versions of Metro (Metro 2033 and Metro: The last Light) this is for the first time that Metro 2033 is going to be released on PlayStation platforms.

Metro: Redux Box
Metro Redux Art Box

In the official press conference, Deep Silver announced that, the game features the following candies: “More advanced AI, improved combat and stealth mechanisms to control and react better control. An Excellent mechanism to customize weapons and stealth kill system. ”

In Metro: Last Light there will be better graphic quality, the new game features, and DLC will be bundled with the sale.

The game is expected to be on sale in this summer, and that will cost you $50 for the bundle.