Konami leaves us with a lime and sand for the PC platform. First forward the launch of the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, to pair with the launch of consoles, and now we have a confirmation by a tweet from the community manager, Robert Allen Peeler, that the game will not pre-load on Steam.


“PC Steam will unfortunately not Have to preload option, however players will be Able to preload on console.”

Considering the major 28GB of disk space advertising system requirements, it will be virtually impossible to enjoy from the day one launch of the game on September 1st. And worse, it is very likely that Steam servers don’t give vast, leaving outside, perhaps, for a couple of days.

When I wanted to clarify the explanation worsened.

“I think it not understood with the launch of PC. So the pre-purchase option, which gives you free Ground Zeroes and some DLC, will be available from 10:00 a.m. PT 9/1 [14hs. of Argentina, September 1], but if you already pre-bought, you can download it and play it before that time, at the beginning of 9/1 [September 1] New Zealand time, “he wrote. “But (in response to worried) if your download speed requires a week to the size of the game, no, we will not pre-load option so early. The earliest that you can download the game is 9/1. “

Basically, I would say that the game will be available for download as soon as it arrives on September 1, which but it will not be pre-loaded on steam. A shame.