Konami in its latest financial report revealed that until December 31, 2015, the company managed to sell no less than 6 million copies (physical / digital) officially of its successful Metal Gear Solid V. Other successes of the year include the sale of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, and a mobile game called Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu, which accumulates more than 19 million downloads.

Metal Gear Solid V reaches 6 million copies sold 


It also indicates that the great success of Metal Gear Solid V on the PlayStation 4 has not made a big contribution to this success, although they have not showcased any kind of figure, it is expected that both the PC and the Xbox One console has accumulated most sales. After this, players are waiting to see if the next title in the series will repeat its success, it will exceed, or could mark the end of the saga in the absence of its creator.

Konami video game section in 2015 achieve a revenue of $ 771.8 million, it has brought profits of $ 210.8 million. 

The best known game designer Hideo Kojima, has signed an agreement to make the next Sony game in December. So the development of Kojima and Konami was the end of the cold war between the management. No doubt this departure from one hand to the next largest competitors of the company becoming a major loss. Kojima was working with Konami since the publication of the first Metal Gear game in 1987.

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