One of the most hyped games out there is Metal gear solid V: Phantom pain coming out in the first quarter of 2015. Metal gear solid V: Ground zeroes was one of the most shortest game with only 2 hours gameplay, and if you are worried that same is going to be happening with Metal gear solid V: Phantom pain, then wash your worries away. In the 62th episode of the Kojima Station, we got to know more about the game form director Hideo Kojima.

Metal gear solid V: Phantom pain will be free roaming open world, and you can approach your mission any way you want and have the freedom to go anywhere in the Metal gear solid V: Phantom Pain world. However, if you are in a mission area and you wander off far from there, then of course it will result in nothing but mission failure. While you can go everywhere you want while not in missions, you should be careful not going everywhere in a mission area.

Now, Metal gear solid series is a game series whom I really love and wanted an open-world Metal gear solid game from very long, going anywhere in this upcoming Metal gear solid game is amazing and doing mission in your own way is totally great. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, is really going to be fun to play. First quarter of 2015 is not far also, Metal gear solid: Ground zeros and Metal gear solid Phantom pain are for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Metal gear Solid: Ground zeros is already out for consoles and will be coming to Microsoft windows on December 18, 2014, both games are coming through the steam.

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