A Few weeks ago, a modder at Xentax forum published a set of tools that allowed PC users to unzip the files. GZ and therefore they will be able to replace models, textures and modify many aspects of the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. In principle, a modder being able to replace the model of Big Boss by Hideo Kojima, but then began to emerge more elaborate mods that allow modifying the Field of View (FOV), remove Depth Field (DOF), unlock the FPS and even ridiculously models replace all characters in the game for others.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – New mods let you play in FPS mode


It is this opportunity, there has been appeared a new mod that allows PC gamers to play in first person perspective, something unthinkable for many players. While the mod has some errors, the author promises to fix them in near future.

Those who are interested can download the mod on this link.

  1. Download “folder EZ Tools “, copy the contents into the game directory and run unpack.bat
  2. Go to the “FPS mod” folder of the downloaded file.
  3. Copy and replace the “plparts_sna2_main0_def_v00.fpkd” file in the folder “x: \ Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes \ data_02 \ Assets \ tpp \ pack \ player \ parts”.
  4. Make a repack the file “Data_02”
  5. A play in first person!

Some identified problem in this work:

  • Some things disappear when you approached
  • The Snake’s body becomes semi-invisible when we crawl
  • The animations of the gun does not work as well as that of the primary weapons

How Kojima will feel after seeing how modders have changed the game, happy or angry?

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