It is known for a long time, the conglomerate of titles under the main line of Metal Gear Solid V would have the Metal Gear Online section. The TGS this year is a new opportunity to show the new side of the last game for Konami Kojima, we can see that the Gameplay is much more complete and the three classes that can control are also presented.

Metal Gear Online – Demo Gameplay TGS 2015


In the video we meet the Infiltrators, specialists in secrecy, with a thermal suit that is not present in the other titles; Scouts, snipers with the ability to mark enemies for our companions on the map; and the Enforcers, who are the most shots bancan and can cause more damage.

They also show the different configurations to create games though is all in Japanese-and show us the Bounty Hunter mode, which puts a value on the head of each enemy, and when removing the Fulton globe, we will score points to win the match.

To give more dynamic style of play, the studio has decided to add specific devices that are not in the campaign of the original game, completely changing the way to play it.

Metal Gear Online will come in October for consoles, but the PC version is delayed until January next year. We can only keep playing the FOB asynchronous multiplayer, present in The Phantom Pain.