The Polish studio Render Cube announced Medieval Dynasty – a mix of simulation and RPG with the open world set in the medieval realities.

The notorious Kingdom Come: Deliverance from the Czech developer Warhouse Studios inspired – apart from an interesting plot – on realism in the Middle Ages. The team from Render Cube decided to do something similar, but with a little different approach according to their own vision. The result of the studio’s efforts will be Medieval Dynasty – a role-playing game in an open world, in which we play the role of a medieval peasant and our task is to survive in difficult times, taking care of loved ones.

The distinguishing feature of Render Cube production from Kingdom Come is primarily that the latter is closer to the simulator rather than RPG with a developed plot. In the game we will taste the daily life of a representative of the lowest rung of the feudal world, cultivating the land, going hunting and negotiating with representatives of a higher state. A preview of what awaits us is presented in the screenshots and a short trailer.

Medieval Dynasty is expected to debut this year. The game will only go to PCs and will be available through Steam.

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