Home Technology Android & iOS MediaTek released MT6630, World’s First Wireless SoC

MediaTek released MT6630, World’s First Wireless SoC

MediaTek released MT6630, World's First Wireless SoC

Today MediaTek announced wireless SoC Processor MT6630, which is the World’s first Wireless SoC processor, the processor is equipped with for the first time five integrated specifications.

The MediaTek MT6630 a single chip will support DUAL-band Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/ac, Miracast Bluetooth 4.41, TRI-band GPS, FM radio and Wi-Fi Direct, we can say this the for the first time large scale of unification, with the latest demanding standard. 

MediaTek MT6630
MediaTek MT6630

Additionally, This MediaTek MT6630 is also named as the “SUPER Mid-Market” and will focus on the mid-range of $100-400 Standard Smartphones and Tablets market.

Another addition, MediaTek had news that there’s an eight-core 64-bit processor MT6752, but no further information may be not be published in this session of the General Assembly.