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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Now Free To Download


Electronics Arts returns to the fray with its “ON THE HOUSE” where this time they allow us to redeem the Medal of Honor Pacific Assault to our Origin account without any tricks. For this you only have an Origin account and proceed to download from this link.

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Now Free To Download

Aim: As bad news, following the closure of GameSpy, the game does not have multiplayer, so you have to settle for spending the story mode

In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, the player assumes the role of Thomas Conlin, a Marine of the United States assigned to the Pacific theater in World War II. The levels include the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assault on Makin Island, the campaign of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Tarawa.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a first-person perspective, with the exception of a level in which the player pilots a Douglas SBD Dauntless in the middle of a dogfight. The action takes place at the beginning of the war, beginning with the military training and the attack on Pearl Harbor (1940-1941) and ending with the Battle of Tarawa (1943).

The prologue of the game begins with the assault on Tarawa, until we reach a Granada. The protagonist begins to remember his story from his training as a marine 2 years earlier. After that, we go to Hawaii, where we assigned to the USS Arizona. But the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor before we could get. Given this, we try to do everything possible to defend ourselves.

Main features:

Historical backdrop. Five missions in a precise historical framework, including Pearl Harbor, Gudalcanal and Tarawa.

More weapons. Throw yourself in the field of battle with guns, machine guns, rifles, shotguns and explosives as those of the time.