A few days ago we have seen that Intel promises to deliver the Solid-State drive pack with 10Tb, thanks to NAND (3D V-NAND). And if we talk about the current situation of the HDDs market their capacity is bigger than SSDs for sure, but manufactures dreams are bigger than your expectations. ASTC Advanced Storage Technology Alliance expects believe that, HDDs  by means of the development of HAMR, BPMR and HDMR and other new technologies, the storage density of the future will increase to achieve 100Tb capacity by 2025.

Mechanical Hard Drives will Pack 100 TB Capacity till 2025

ASTC 100Tb 2025

2014 HGST’s hard drive has begun shipping 8TB, 10TB volume production is expected early next year, it is based on the PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) technology, but supplemented by SMR imbricated helium-filled magnetic recording technology and design, this technology will be available in the market continue to 2017 or so.

After SMR technology still HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording) technology, had already shown off HAMR Western Digital hard drive technology, according to Western Digital revealed, HAMR technology can be upgraded to disk storage density per square inch 4Tb level.

In 2021 HDD technology will again go through with a new change and BPMR (Bit-patterned Media Recording) technology would be implemented with it, then there will be BPMR + (BPMR technology combined with SMR technology), HDMR (BPMR + HMAR technology) and so on. Eventually to around 2025, disk storage density will increase 10times bigger than now, the dream stage to achieve 100TB storage capacity.

Still 10 years has to go and the rest depends on the strength of the various manufacturers and willingness.

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