Marseille announced the launch of ‘mCable Gaming Edition‘, a special HDMI cable with an internal chip that helps to remove jaggies in games, especially consoles.

This is the idea of ​​Marseille, an HDMI cable manufacturer, that has developed the ‘mCable Gaming Edition‘ cable, which is not simply an HDMI cable, it is much more. The fancy cable works its mojo with a post-process AA algorithm that is applied to the image before spitting it out on the screen.

This HDMI cable has components made in gold and silver and to improve the sound quality, a tiny amount of diamond has also been included. The mCable developer company ensures: “Contextual Anti-Aliasing, adaptive scalability, high frame rate support per second (up to 120 FPS @ 1080p) and a response time of less than 1 millisecond.”

An image chip that has been placed on one end of the cable. This chip will be in charge of performing a new image processing using a special anti-aliasing algorithm, providing a final image with a significant reduction of edges. This cable requires independent power to operate, so it has a built-in USB cable to connect to the computer or the console, for this chip to work.

Marseille has shown some images on this technology, which you can see right below (sadly, tiny comparison images are completely useless). We should wait to see reviews of this product to see if this new HDMI cable is really good as they promise. These cables will go sale in two versions, a 182cm HDMI cable with a price of € 109 and a 274cm HDMI cable with a price of € 119.

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