The latest news from new report regarding to the TSMC give us the solid indication that, TSMC is taking serious the production of 16nm. They recently bought some engineering equipment and machinery which cost them around $47 million US dollars. Those equipments will help TSMC in order to drive safily from the mass production. The company expects to begin volume production of 16nm FinFET in late Q2, early Q3 of 2015.

Maxwell GM200 GPU Delayed: GTX 980 Ti/Titan II postponed to 2016

Maxwell GM200 GPU delayed : GTX 980 Ti/Titan II postponed to 2016

Now this will affects the Graphics card market and products too as Nvidia has allegedly decided to skip the 20nm and they are moving to the 16nm directly. The grand and elite class Nvidia’s Maxwell gm200 which was expected to be based on the 16nm finFET got affected. This GPU  is expected to power the so called rumored GTX 980 Ti/titan 2. Early we got reports that this would be featured in 2015’s Q1, but now the delay seems void it. Just like GM204″s, the plans for NVIDIA remained same, i.e. Releasing products in Holliday. The most profitable season typicallyin the semiconductor industry and many others. GM200 isn’t the only GPU NVIDIA has planned for 16nm either. The company still wants to introduce a second revision of GM204 (GTX 980 and GTX 970) in a 16nm flavor. As well as another smaller GM206 GPU which was originally rumored to debut alongside GM204.

So we know of at least three Maxwell GPUs which NVIDIA  is working on. Unfortunately however the delays will put a sizable dent of roughly 3-6 months of delay into Nvidia’s 16nm plans. And the plans of any other company which has 16nm products in the works. Making these TSMC 16nm FinFET delays all the more adverse.

Additionally, according to Semiaccurate the first 16nm GPU from Nvidia will be a die shrink of GM204 (GTX 980 and GTX 970) rather than a new GM200 GPU (interesting? ). Which makes the possibility of a GM200 based product arriving in 2015 even more far fetched.

If you think this is bad, then one more bad news is that, we know that Nvidia has allegedly decided to skip the 20nm node and they are pulling their socks to the 16nm. And from his competitive side, it has been confirmed that their new 20nm technology products will be available in 2015 and they will release their 16nm products in 2016.  In the case of AMD 16nm delays shouldn’t affect the company’s plans as much since they already have 20nm products coming to address the market in 2015.

While this is a red alert for  Nvidia as they doesn’t have any intermediary products planned between 28nm and 16nm. So now we have to see that whether Nvidia will survive with their 28nm products against the 20nm products of AMD or suffer through some horrific 16nm yields in order to stay competitive as TSMC is not going to produce the mass production before Q2 of 2015 .