Swedish Media SweClokers exposed that the Nvidia’s next Maxwell Architecture, Graphic card will be from the Geforce 800 Series but now they reported that the first model will be from Geforce 700 Series. There are also numerous news in the air that the first Maxwell Architecture, Graphic card will not be the High-End. The GM107 code and production on 20nm, Nvidia is looking to more wait in order to develop the new technology for new High-End Graphic Card.

Now the latest news, which is in the air from 4 day’s that the First Maxwell Architecture card will be the Gtx 750ti, and core production technology will be the 28nm, it’s the mainstream Graphic card which will hit the market in Febuary. The leaked specification of Gtx 750ti include 960 stream processors, ROP 32 Units and 80 texture units, the acceleration core frequency is 1098Mhz, 256-Bit Memory interference, memory frequency of 6008MHz and memory bandwidth of 192GB/s with 2 GB  GDDr5.


Maxwell Architecture at mainstream graphic card seems something fishy. Well, we can say whether it Kepler or Maxwell if the GTX 750ti is coming then, it’s the true successor of GTX 650ti boost.

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