Nividia’s Maxwell Architecture after so many rumors and news now finally revealed.

Maxwell is divided into two Version, One is GM107-400 which will be the Gtx 750Ti, and another is GM107-300 the thin client will equip with the 768 Stream Processors, 16 Rops and 64 texture units, GM107-300 will be used in the Gtx 750. 

Maxwell core GM107 Real Exposure

Additionally the Die Size of Gm107 is 156mm2 which is around 32% larger than Gk107 and around 30% smaller than Gk106.

If we see the earlier rumors there are news that the new Maxwell will  come on with the 20nm technology, but still sadly we will not se this technology from Nvidia at first, but likely we will be able to see some 20nm chips on the Q3 of this year.  The Reason for naming the head of two products included GeForce 700, instead of using the new GeForce 800, is waiting for the new process (and yes the GeForce 800M series notebook will not mention).

Kepler VS Maxwell

GK107-450 GK106-400 GK107-300 GM107-400
GPU 28nm 28nm 28nm  28nm
Die Size 118mm2 221mm2 156mm2  156mm2
CUDAs 384 960 768  960
TMUs 32 80 64  80
ROPs 16 24 16  16
Memory Bus 128-Bit 192-Bit 128-Bit  128-Bit
TDP 65W 140W ???  ~75W


There are no new technical features included, but deep optimization and improvements are there, or in other words, we can say that the Maxwell is Kepler Refresh.

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