Recently, BioWare rolled out a new update for the role playing game Mass Effect Andromeda that introduced a couple of changes and bugs fixes, along with the improvements in the facial animations. However, the latest reports suggest that the update have removed Denuvo anti-tamper tech from the game files.

It is not confirmed by the game developers nor patch notes mentioned it but according to the reports, it appears that the Denuvo has completely removed Denuvo from the game files. The game was protected by the anti-tamper tech during its release back in March but soon, hackers managed to break into the game files. However, a couple of weeks later, one update renewed the game files with latest version of Denuvo again.

Anyhow, it can be said that Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.9 is not secured by the Denuvo while the game is available on Origin. Maybe we’ll see a cracked version of the game in coming months but that’s something not confirmed yet.

The update also added a new difficulty level for multiplayer mode named as Platinum which is more challenging. Apart from that, a number of changes with the weapons was also noticed and the Ultra Rare weapons have became more damaging since then.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is one another title like DOOM, Homefront: The Revolution, RiME and many others where the developers removed Denuvo after some months of its release, even though the titles were cracked soon after its release. Stay tuned for more updates!

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