Bioware’s action, sci-fi title Mass Effect Andromeda is finally here today and the developer studio has already released the first patch of the game, which addresses a number of issues reported by the subscribers of EA Origin Access.

The game was available to many PC and Xbox One gamers via EA Origin early access since last week and the players have reported a number of bugs and stability issues, but among them, the awkward facial animation was the one heavily criticized and nothing has been shared regarding the mishap up till now.

The day one patch was declared recommended by Bioware, especially to the PC gamers by game producer Fernando Melo which reportedly address a number of issues such as crashes. Yesterday, the patch was rolled out which includes bug fixes, fix for black screen / Corsair utility, MP sound and MP F-keys issue.

According to the lead designer Ian Frazier, the day one patch addresses a number of fixes for the issues, including server side data fixes which must be addressed before the game launches. While the team is working hard to improve other issues as well, so more patches are on the way. No list of patch notes has been provided as of yet, but the PS4 update history mentions bug fixes and stability improvements. The update is sized around 2 GB on the PS4 and 780 MB on the Xbox One.

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While we are still waiting for Bioware to address the one critical issue, which is game’s awkward facial animation. One alleged lead animator named as Marrie has been identified by angry bullies who was harassed by some gamers on her social media profiles for ruining the game. Soon after that, the lead designer issued a formal statement denying her lead position in the development team.

Let’s see how the studio respond to this situation. Mass Effect Andromeda is now available for Pc, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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