Bioware’s action, role-playing title Mass Effect Andromeda is due later this month and we have been receiving new updates regarding the game on almost regular basis.

Recently, developers confirmed that the game will be getting Mass Effect Andromeda DLC multiplayer maps for free, like the Mass Effect 3, something to the fans are excited about. While today we have the list of game’s trophy and achievements, courtesy of Exophase.

There’s a bronze trophy for killing about 2000 enemies, another for killing 100 with melee attacks, on reviving up to 25 teammates, and landing on the alien planet. There are two gold trophies and one platinum trophy in total for completing one “Insanity” single-player game or 5 “Gold” multiplayer extractions from any firebase, increasing 100% viability of all the discovered planets and the finest one for collecting all the trophies.

Interestingly, there’s one Matchmaker trophy for romancing with three different characters across all playthroughs. While there are a plenty of silver trophies as well for accomplishing different tasks such as reaching different levels. The complete list can be checked from here.

On the other hand, a new multiplayer footage of the Mass Effect Andromeda has been published by YouTuber ‘gamermd8’, showcasing different features of the game’s multiplayer mode, character customization and skills. The footage was captured from the closed alpha so some changes are expected in the final build.

Check out the new gameplay video below;

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Mass Effect Andromeda will be available on March 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game won’t be getting multiplayer beta, but the multiplayer will be accessible in the next week’s timed exclusive EA and Origin Access on PC and Xbox One. The access will kick off from March 16th and will have a limited single-player access and full multiplayer access. Stay tuned for more updates!

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