According to many previous news, we all know that “Mass Effect 4” has been in development, but Bioware also let us wait for how long? Recently, an internal staff of anonymity, said, “Mass Effect 4” is scheduled to be launched in Spring next year.He said something very interesting words, “If I were you, I’d play with it again in the spring of next year before the trilogy.”

After the employee to disclose these messages, EA and Bioware have not made any confirmation. But the employee said, Bioware will not make any comment on this, EA will refuse to respond to any rumors or speculation.

The reporter interviewed him, he said: “You can just report this information, Bioware would not comment, EA does not respond to rumors or speculation, select in your hands, I’m just a little information.”

If this is true, then EA at E3 this year, definitely in the big action, announced this long-awaited new work. Let us wait and see.

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