You will not find the lacking of Mass Effect series fans for sure. Now a day’s the most awaited fourth installment of the series is gaining momentum. The title will still spread the teaser for quite a long time, but from time to time in the network appears to be quite specific information. The same sources foreshadow that in the Mass Effect 4 there will be a multiplayer mode.

Mass Effect 4 takes shape, it will feature the Multiplayer mode

Mass Effect 4 - First Leaked Pictures and Information from Comic-Con
Mass Effect 4 – First Leaked Picture and Information from Comic-Con

Since the launch of Mass Effect 3 it has been nearly three years. For the next part of the adventure of space we will probably wait another year. The inventors discovered so far only that the game will present a new story and use the latest technologies in the portfolio of EA. Made to be as many different types of solutions which are not available yet.

Surprisingly, there is new information. Studio BioWare Montreal published a job for the developer, who will lead the work on the “multiplayer mode, network solutions and online features included in the game”. So it seems that the developers are happy with the multiplayer introduced in Mass Effect 3.

Importantly, they are not just conjecture. Job offer appeared because at EA and the Chris Wynn (Senior Director of Development of Mass Effect) commented on this subject. –Everything begins to take shape, and now I need a great producer who will shape the network mode of the new Mass Effect”.

Recall, at the beginning of this month, the head of the studio BioWare, Aaryn Flynn revealed that Mass Effect 4 will not copy solutions from Dragon Age: Inquisition. While the game actually sees its considerable modification, the idea is to be completely original.

Source: GameSpot