What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste is basically a high conductive compound, which conducts heat from chip whether CPU or GPU and transfers it to the heatsink and the heat is thrown out via fan over heat sink.

Why should we apply thermal paste between a chip (CPU/GPU) and heatsink?

Thermal paste should be applied to avoid overheating, as air very bad conductor of heat so if there is just a millimeter space between CPU/GPU and the heatsink it can cause heating, to avoid this problem we use thermal paste which is a very good conductor of heat and serves as a medium to transfer heat to heat sink.

Types of thermal paste?

Thermal pastes are of various kinds basically 2 major types are available easily.

1.Metallic-Based thermal paste:

They are usually the best type of thermal paste very effective as metals are very good conductor of heat. Few metals are used with a base in these kind of thermal paste as composition materials. The major drawback of this kind of thermal paste is it can trap static electricity or electric flux leaking from any component of PC which can be very dangerous to your CPU/GPU.

2. Ceramic-Based thermal paste:

They do not conduct electricity that’s why people prefer it. They contain a variety of ingredients specially salts with some base. The performance is not good as Metallic-Based thermal paste still works pretty good.

How to make thermal paste at home, if not available?

Well home made thermal pastes are basically a type of Ceramic-Based thermal paste. It works fine for 5-6 months without any problem. Still, we prefer to buy one from the store.

Although the thermal paste we are going to make works very good we have tested it our self, but still we are not responsible for your any mistake which can cause damage to your system.

So here we go,

1. Toothpaste+Vaseline home made thermal paste:

To make this kind of thermal paste you need 4 teaspoons full of a mint or cool fluoride tooth paste, it may not possess grits in it. Then you have to mix that 4 teaspoons full of tooth paste in 1 teaspoons full of Vaseline (it should petroleum jelly not some other product of Vaseline brand). Mix it for at least 5 minutes. Then take a syringe and fill it with the mixture you have made cover it gently a thin even layer of the compound on heatsink then put your heat sink back on processor. It will work magically like a good quality thermal paste but will work 4-5 months. Yes it will leave stains when you want to change your thermal paste, for this purpose use 90% alcohol + cotton wool to remove those stains let it dry and then re-apply thermal paste. Note the quantity of Tooth paste + Vaseline should be 4:1 respectively.

How to made thermal paste in home




2. Use baby nappy rash cream:

Oh you might laugh at it but it contains a good amount of Zinc Oxide which is a major constituent of thermal paste in the market. Just apple a thin layer on your heat sink, then puts it back on processor, it works very good for 6-8 months smoothly. Before applying new thermal paste use same 90% alcohol + cotton wool to remove those stains, let it dry and then re-apply thermal paste.


We personally have tested on old Core2Duo CPU these home made thermal paste work essentially good also will decrease your CPU temperatures under load by some 10-15 C.

Home made thermal paste by diaper rash cream



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